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Early Predictions Already

Reported by Nancy - November 2, 2004 -

Special Report with Brit Hume was exactly what you might expect tonight (6-7pm ET, 11/2). As the hour was closing, Hume noted that, based on exit polls, Fox is predicting that Bush will win GA, KY, IN & Kerry will win VT.

At 6:05pm (ET) Jim Angle reported about Bush, showing multiple clips of Bush x 2 mins. Angle described Bush "bantering with reporters", then showed more video of Bush joshing with volunteers in Columbus OH.

At 6:10pm Major Garrett gave a "roundup of glitches, hitches & complaints". Garrett cites "fears" of overwhelmed poll workers, legions of lawyers ready to litigate the most trivial "irregularities". He admitted that the fears "may have been overwrought" but listed some problems anyhow: tires slashed on GOP vehicles in Milwaukee, voting machines in Philadelphia registered 1500 votes before polls opened, Phoenix bomb scare (1 polling place closed/relocated), "minor problems" in FL. To cheer up Fox viewers, he noted that bad weather in LA dampened turnout.

At 6:13pm (ET), Alison Camerota reported from OH, noting that a court gave a "victory" for GOPs to combat "widespread voter fraud" [comment: no complaint from her re "activist judges"]. She noted that Dems tried to appeal to SCOTUS but Stevens declined [comment: again no complaint from her re "activist judges"]. She did, however, manage to work in the phrase "armada of attorneys".

At 6:15pm (ET) - Carol McKinley reported from Sioux Falls, vaguely about the race between John Thune v Tom Daschle, but really focusing on the usual GOP whines. She noted that Dems filed lawsuit re GOPs following Native Americans to cars & writing down license plate numbers. McKinley claimed there was no intimidation today [comment: was this an inadvertent admission that there had been intimidation in the past?]. She then claimed this was only a "partial victory" for Dems, affecting only 1 county & repeated old allegations in 2002 re Dem poll fraud & "vote buying", & wrapped up with the observation that it's been 52 years since a Senate leader was defeated, but it's too close to say whether it will happen again.

At 6:21pm (ET) Hume was joined by Michael Barone with the Fox News Decision Team, & they gave detailed explanations re how they'll be doing predictions tonight.

At 6:30pm (ET) Hume gave some brief blurbs -- GOP says Dems in NJ doing dirty phone tricks, Dems say GOPs in MI doing dirty phone tricks (in thise case, Hume bothered to note that the Bush campaign denied any involvement. He then noted that international monitors in FL had complained re being driven in cars with Kerry stickers, that a NYTimes article about a poll re Bush's job approval rating required a correction re GOP non-quote, & ended with a list of Kerry good luck charms - bible, dogtags, guitar pick, shamrock, etc -- & noting that he's carrying some in a briefcase.

At 6:32pm (ET) there was other news -- a bomb in Baghdad, plan for assault on Fallujah (Greg Palkot), Margaret Hassan, Arafat (Dana Lewis).

At 6:38pm (ET) Hume was joined by the Fox "All Stars" -- Fred Barnes, Mort Kondracke, Bill Kristol, Juan Williams. Hume started off by asking about the exit polls Chris Wallace reported earlier [comment: he showed polls, pretended not to understand or be surprised]. Much bloviating ensued.

At 6:48 - Hume asked if there was a "moment" of this campaign? Williams thought it was either Kerry "reporting for duty" at the DNC or the SmearBoatLiars [comment: my phrase, not his]. Kristol said it was the first debate. Kondracke agreed re first debate, separating Iraq from WOT. Barnes said it was last winter when David Kay said no WMD. They also mentioned Abu Ghraib, Bush changing from OBL to Iraq, trying to go to UN re Iraq war, Powell at the Security Council.

At 6:58pm (ET), Hume noted that, based on exit polls, Fox is predicting that Bush will win GA, KY, IN & Kerry will win VT.