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CBS Starts Cautious

Reported by Judy - November 2, 2004 -

CBS barely waited for the polls to close at 7 p.m. EST before announcing the first results in the presidential race between George Bush and John Kerry, but it was careful not to declare anybody the winner of any state.

CBS said Bush was leading Kerry with 34 electoral votes to 3 for Kerry. CBS worded it carefully, however, saying CBS expects when all the votes are counted Bush will carry Indiana, Georgia and Kentucky, while Kerry will carry Vermont.

Other states were listed with insufficient data, which is a new category, or too close to call, meaning the expected winner might carry the state but it was too close to say for sure.

Bending over backwards to be careful.

Senate: Republicans pick up Zell Miller's seat in Georgia, Evan Bahy holds seat, too close to call in Kentucky, and Pat Leahy will win, but South Carolina has insufficient data.