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Fox WON'T Count

Reported by Judy - November 1, 2004 -

The size of crowds is only a rough indicator of the enthusiasm a candidate is generating on the eve of the election, but it is interesting which crowds Fox News is willing to attach a number to and which it isn't.

James Rosen, with George Bush in Ohio, said Bush spoke to a crowd of 3,000 supporters yesterday. Steve Brown, in Orlando, Florida, with John Kerry, said President Clinton spoke to a crowd of 4,500 in Arkansas. Clinton outdraws Bush and Clinton isn't even running for anything.

Later, on Fox News Live, Brown reported that Kerry drew "a rather large crowd" on Sunday. Would "rather large" be more or less than the 3,000 who came out to see Bush?

Let's see, 80,000 in Madison, Wisconsin, and 100,000 in Philadelphia last week, and The New York Times reported today that 10,000 came out to see Kerry in New Hampshire, I'd guess "rather large" would be more than 3,000.