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George Soros Speaks to the Press

Reported by Deborah - October 31, 2004 -

C-Span aired an appearance of George Soros at the National Press Club on 10/30/04 and judging by the questions from the audience, the members of the "liberal elite media" were not in attendance. Actually, it sounded as if Fox News people dominated the group.

Fox News has done a very thourough job of trashing Soros's image and motivations. According to Fox News, Soros is a dangerous left wing extremist who wants to legalize all drugs and buy the election. Ann Coulter has called him anti-semitic on Fox despite the fact that he is a holacaust survivor Fox has made Soros the embodiment of the wealthy maniac who will do anything to destroy GW Bush. As most of you know, this portrayl is a shameful distortion.

After Soros spoke honestly and rationally about his fears for our democracy and discussed his reasons for supporting John Kerry, questions were asked from the audience. Most of them reflected the distortions created by Fox but George Soros answered them calmy, honestly and fearlessly. He showed the audience that the distortions of his character were wrong yet it did not appear to matter much to this audience.

When asked what he planned to do if Kerry lost the election, Soros said that he plans to enter a monastery for a time because he will need to contemplate what is wrong with the people of this country.