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Third Parties Don't Exist on FNL

Reported by Nancy - October 30, 2004 -

FNL today (10/30) was just as lame as the weekday edition. As Newshound Melanie predicted earlier this week, they are rehashing the Osama bin Laden tape ad nauseam, making every effort to imply to viewers that a vote for Kerry is a vote for bin Laden. Even more laughably, they're manufacturing excuses left & right about why bin Laden hasn't been caught yet (which all boil down, basically, to "it's hard work").

But the funniest moment of all came at 5:36pm (EDT) when Gregg Jarrett interviewed Bob Zelnick (Hoover Inst) & Jane Hall (Fox News contrib). The interview was teased as being "fair & balaced" & the topic was allegedly whether "the media" are being F&B in the current presidential election. But all of Jarrett's questions revolved around that beloved myth of the radical right: the "liberal media".

Zelnick focused on the story about 380 tons of missing explosives at Al Qaqaa, offering some excuses that have already been debunked (none of which were challenged by Jarrett). Hall responded re that issue.

No one discussed whether the major media are in fact presenting F&B info to their viewers about the current presidential election. No one even mentioned Nader, the Constitution Party, Greens, Libertarians, Badnarik, Walt Brown, David Cobb, Leonard Pelletier ... or ANY of the many third parties that actually exist [comment: yes, Fox, there are parties other than the GOPs & the Dems]. So much for a F&B overview of whether "the media" is being F&B.