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Latest FOX Poll Report Says Down is Up

Reported by Ellen - October 30, 2004 -

There's a new FOX poll out today which shows Bush's lead over Kerry declined 3 points in just two days. Yesterday, FOXNews.com published a poll showing Bush with a five point lead over Kerry. Today's poll shows Bush's lead is now only two points. A three-point drop in Bush's numbers in two days, 72 hours before the election? I'd call that big news, wouldn't you? Not to FOX. Its headline reads, "FOX Poll: Bush Up By Two Points Over Kerry." The lead paragraph doesn't even mention this precipitous declne. It simply reports that Bush "leads" Kerry by 47 percent to 45 percent. FOX reporter Dana Blanton coughs up the news in the next paragraph but sugarcoats it by calling it "a slight dip."

Comment: Sneaky, misleading and BIASED, BIASED, BIASED!

Tell Fox what you think Foxnewsonline@foxnews.com of this kind of reporting.