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Hannity Gets His Proof

Reported by Deborah - October 30, 2004 -

According to Sean Hannity, there is no voter supression in this country and he has been asking anyone to bring him proof that voter fraud by Republicans exists, especially in Florida. Tonight Greg Palast brought him that proof and Hannity was very annoyed. 10/29/04 9:30 PM

Palast told Colmes about the lists found in RNC headquarters in Florida with names of newly registered voters to be stricken from voter rolls. All of the people were African American Democrats. Palast said they denied the claim saying they were fundraising lists and then changed it to a list of address corrections. Palast said that the Florida police could not make any arrests for a couple of weeks because they were too busy.

Palast told another story about students in Pennsylvania who thought they were signing a medical marijuana petition but were actually tricked into signing voter resistration forms. The fraudulent forms made them double registrants and therefore ineligible to vote.

Hannity, unable to debate with facts, used his usual strategy with Palast.
"Are you voting for Kerry" claiming that Palast was not a reporter but a Democratic operative. Palast continued to hit back with the facts and Hannity was out of his league.

Comment: Greg Palast tonight and Phil Donahue last night. These are the people that Fox usually avoids like the plague. Did they think that Hannity would discredit them? Is it about that recent article where Murdoch denies that Fox is pro Bush or did Colmes demand some fairness. Just speculating.