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Zogby's Prediction

Reported by Judy - October 29, 2004 -

Polls are supposedly a snap shot in time, not a prediction, but pollster John Zogby appeared on The Daily Show yesterday (Oct. 28) and gave a one-word answer to the question of who he thinks will win the presidential election.

The one-word answer was "Kerry." No hemming, hawing, hedging, beating around the bush -- just "Kerry." The reason, he said, is that Bush still has not broken through to 50 percent, which is dangerous for an incumbent, and that the undecided voters can be expected to break towards the challenger, as they historically have.

Zogby made the prediction even though his latest tracking poll showed George Bush leading John Kerry, 48 percent to 46 percent. The updated poll shows the race tied at 47 percent for George Bush and 47 percent for John Kerry.