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What Kind of "Fair & Balanced" is This?

Reported by Melanie - October 29, 2004 -

Today (October 29, 2004) on Dayside w/Linda Vester, Vester hosted a two-part segment to discuss the 380 tons of missing explosives in Iraq. The "left," or Democratic side was represented by Ellen Ratner, a Fox News "analyst," and the "right," or Republican side was represented by Reed Dickens, a spokesman for the Bush/Cheney campaign.

COMMENT: Ellen Ratner is on the staff of Fox News, and has been since 1997. Here is her bio. She's not going to want to "bite the hand that feeds her." It's natural to think that what Ratner might say could be influenced by the fact that she draws a paycheck from Fox News. What kind of "fair and balanced" is it when one "side" is an employee of Fox, and the other is a spokesman for the Bush/Cheney campaign? That sounds like one voice to me, not two. (Not only that, Fox should have had someone from the Kerry campaign on to balance the person from the Bush campaign.)