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The Blame Game Continues

Reported by Nancy - October 28, 2004 -

FNL today (10/28) is still flailing desperately for an excuse -- any excuse -- to explain the disappearance of 380 tons of RDX & HMX from Al Qaqaa. Apparently, neither Fox nor the RNC has come up with a single suitable explanation, because they're still all over the map, hoping something (anything) will fly.

Here are some of the excuses they've offered (so far):

On 10/27, Eric Burns of Fox News Watch appeared on FNL & tried to blame it on "military incompetence". But Bush is trying to turn the issue into one of Kerry's respect for US armed forces, saying Kerry was "denigrating the actions of our troops & commanders in the field" [comment: I guess he hadn't yet heard Eric Burns' version of the blame game]. So FNL is no longer blaming the military.

Today, 10/28, Fox is floating a series of guesses, up to & including the wildest conspiracy theories:

*it was a Russian heist
*someone moved them to Syria
*someone moved them to Lebanon
*they were never there to start with
*if they were there, there was a lot less than 380 tons
*the US military was overwhelmed by the amount of munitions they found in Iraq
*it's all a plot by the IAEA, the UN, the NYTimes & CBS [comment: nicely echoing the editorial opinion of the NYPost, another Murdoch-owned enterprise]

By 11:07am (EDT), the first of these claims -- based on a story in the Moonie-owned Washington Times -- had already been debunked. Dana Lewis reported from Moscow that the Kremlin said it's a fantasy & that Pentagon officials said that Deputy Undersecretary of Defense John Shaw (cited as the source for the info in the WaTimes) had no access to such information.

Comment: Stay tuned for even more fanciful explanations, as Fox thinks 'em up.