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Setting Up Coverage of Kerry

Reported by Melanie - October 28, 2004 -

Linda Vester included the news that Bruce Springsteen was appearing at a John Kerry rally in Madison, Wisconsin today (October 28, 2004) in the introduction to her show, Dayside w/Linda Vester. As the show progressed, Vester mentioned Springsteen's appearance several more times, telling the audience that Springsteen might speak, as well as sing. Toward the end of Dayside Fox went live to Madison to show Springsteen on stage.

COMMENT: Fox's emphasis of Springsteen's appearance on Kerry's behalf was no accident, and it dovetailed nicely for regular Dayside viewers. Yesterday Dayside aired the most recent segment, in a string of many over the past months, purporting to show that voters don't like candidates who "are surrounded by celebrities." Here's my post on it. If this is so, Fox certainly would want to do it's best to show John Kerry "surrounded by celebrities," and you wouldn't have miss that message if you watched Dayside today.