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Save the Tapes Fund

Reported by Judy - October 28, 2004 -

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann continues his daily coverage of Fox producer Andrea Mackris' sexual harassment suit against Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, giving it the same treatment dished out by Fox for really big stories, like Scott Peterson's murder trial.

Olbermann's Countdown Show includes a segment on O'Reilly every night, with a clock in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen counting down the minutes to the O'Reilly story.

Last night (Oct. 27), Olbermann reported that readers of his blog, Bloggerman, have pledged more than $46,000 to Mackris if she will agree to give Olberman the tapes rather than settle with O'Reilly and destroy the tapes as part of the settlement. Olberman himself has offered to give Mackris $99,000 -- enough to cover her reported debts -- in exchange for not destroying the tapes and giving him a copy "for safe keeping."

Olbermann also did an interview on the impact on the two people involved in the scandal: Mackris probably will have trouble getting a job after filing the suit, and O'Reilly probably will survive if he settles and pays off Mackris, permitting the issue to fade over time.

Olbermann, of course, has an axe to grind -- Fox fired him in 2001. In this case, Olbermann's payback would be in the public's interest as well as his own.