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No Shame, No Shame

Reported by Melanie - October 28, 2004 -

Neil Cavuto's opening news piece on Wednesday (October 27, 2004, Your World w/Neil Cavuto) was a report on the closing numbers of the Dow, which included a full fledged graphic reading BUSINESS ALERT and this banner: "Dow Closes Above 10,000 for First Time Since October 13th." As Cavuto reported the numbers, Fox aired a full screen shot of the "big board" at the New York Stock Exchange showing the Dow up 114.29 points on the day, for a close of 10002.77. (The final numbers were still being computed. In the end they were Dow up 113.55 for a close of 10002.03.)

COMMENT: Before yesterday, October 13, 2004 was the last day the Dow closed above 10,000. On October 14, 2004 it dipped below 10,000. Here is my post from that day:

Who Needs Business News?

Here's an October 14, 2004 article from USAToday which includes this paragraph:

Dow 10,000. The Dow Jones industrials sank 107.88 points to 9,894.45, falling below 10,000 for the sixth time this year. Closing below 10,000 is considered a confidence deflator, since it's seen as a psychological support level.

Fox doesn't seem to care one bit about its unfortunate, unsuspecting viewers who think they're getting "fair and balanced news." Any Fox watcher who is managing a retirement portfolio based on the information they get from this show could be in deep trouble. What they don't know could affect their portfolios, their retirement and who knows what else. One thing's for sure though, Fox does care about George Bush. When the stock market looks good, it's bells and whistles. When it looks bad, well, you just might never know.