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The New Axis Of Evil

Reported by Deborah - October 27, 2004 -

During a very intense segment of Hannity&Colmes tonight Peter King, R. proclaimed a new axis of evil between John Kerry, The New York Times and the United Nations; Colmes got really angry; and Hannity just repeated his message over and over again. 10/27/04 9PM ET

The missing weapons story consumed Hannity&Colmes tonight. Peter King,R. and Adam Smith,D. came on for one of the segments devoted to this issue. Hannity and King were frantically trying to demonize Kerry claiming that he was blaming the troops for not doing their job of protecting the weapons. When Colmes confronted King with some facts and logic, King lost his composure and started a shouting match with Colmes, who would not back down.

Hannity tried his usual routine with Adam Smith, D. but this time it didn't work.
Claiming that "not a single shred of evidence' proving that the weapons were there. "Can you give me evidence?" Hannity barked at Smith and Smith answered, "Absolutely." Hannity was not prepared for the Democrat to answer his question so he just went on with the routine anyway.
"It's hard to have an argument with someone who won't answer the question."
He then addressed all his dialogue to Peter King ignoring Smith.

Colmes and King converged once more and King was trying to challenge and intimidate. Colmes let loose with"Why do you keep misrepresenting Kerry." Then Colmes in disbelief asked King about the 'axis of evil' statement which had been said quickly in a heated moment. King actually repeated it making him sound like a dangerous lunatic.

Maybe it was the eclipsed full moon but Colmes found his warrior spirit tonight and it was a pleasure to watch.