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Someone Fox Doesn't Want You To See

Reported by Deborah - October 27, 2004 -

Elizabeth Edwards has been campaigning throughout the country and is rarely covered by the media especially Fox. On Saturday, 10/23/04, C-SPAN aired a town hall meeting, in Harrisburg PA, with Elizabeth Edwards and her ability to communicate information and relate to the people was very impressive.

Elizabeth Edwards really connected with her audience of pragmatic Pennsylvanians who have no time for slick politicians full of empty rhetoric. Edwards answered their questions carefully giving very detailed, factual responses. Her grasp of the issues and understanding of the Kerry/Edwards plans were astounding. Edward, although plainspoken, did not talk down to her audience showing them how much she respected their concerns and fears.
Warm, kind, humble and brilliant, Edwards made the audience really understand John Kerry's positions on all the issues. When an elderly man rambled on and on, Elizabeth was gentle and respectful, helping him to complete his thoughts, like all of us have done with our relatives at some time.

Comment: Elizabeth Edwards is someone the Republicans want to keep hidden because she possesses all the traits that they have hijacked for themselves. She's a proud stay at home Mom; devoted wife; her Father was career Military;
plainspoken and unpretentious and a woman of faith. Has anyone seen Elizabeth Edwards on Fox?