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Reported by Judy - October 27, 2004 -

According to the polls, this election is so close that anybody from either political camp can predict victory and be believed. Fox News today (Oct. 27) featured interviews with political operatives who did the predictable thing.

Republican Ron Kaufman, a powerful lobbyist who worked for Daddy Bush and is an informal adviser to Junior, said on Fox News Live that he thinks it will be an early night next Tuesday, that Bush will win the popular vote by 5 points, and have 298 electoral votes. Democrat Rodney Slater was less specific, but predicted a Kerry win.

Several weeks ago, Newt Gingrich appeared on Fox and predicted a landslide for Bush and 350 electoral votes. A Democrat somewhere has probably made a similar prediction for Kerry.

'Tis the season for wishful thinking on both sides.