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Fox thinks viewers not only dumb, but also blind

Reported by Chrish - October 27, 2004 -

Brit Hume took a minute (6:34 ET) on the Grapevine segment Monday 10/25 to assure viewers that Bush was not wired at the first debate, and put forth what for some will be convincing evidence.

I invite you to look and see for yourselves.

Hume said "The president's tailor says he has the answer to the question that's been burning up Internet blogs: what exactly caused this mysterious bulge in the back of the president's suit jacket during the, one of the debates. Conspiracy buffs claim that the bulge is an audio receiver and that Bush was wired to receive help with his answers. George de Paris, who fashions all the president's jackets, insists there's no secret in the suit. Demonstrationg on a reporter for The Hill newspaper, the tailor said that with a well-made jacket, "the same thing will happen any time you cross your arms like Bush did."

Thanks to Fox itself for not honoring the Commission on Presidential Debate's requirement that the candidates not be photographed from behind, we have this picture from Fox's own cameras where a rectangular 3-D bulge, not a crease, is clearly identifiable between Bush's shoulder blades, under his jacket.

Comment: Is there no detail too small for this administration to lie about, and for Fox to cover up for them?

Actually, I think it is a big deal when a pResident can't be trusted to not muff a 90-minute debate and needs to be fed his data and answers from behind the scenes. (Flashback to his "good discussion" with the '9/11 Commission'.) The story that's been floated about his dyslexia impairing his ability to read from a teleprompter, sometimes making an audio prompter the better choice, would not be applicable here as the debate was to be spontaneous, not scripted. What a pathetic cheater - nice moral role model for our kids, Mr. Bush.