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Don't Forget - Kerry's Still a French Flip Flopper

Reported by Melanie - October 27, 2004 -

Yesterday I did a post (Subliminal Seduction. I should have named it "Subliminal Campaigning.") on a segment of Your World w/Neil Cavuto in which Kerry was likened to a BMW, and Bush to a Ford pick-up truck. Today (October 27, 2004) during the letters portion of Your World w/Neil Cavuto, Cavuto read two letters reacting to that segment.

Here they are (they also appeared in writing on screen):

-- BMW was close for Kerry, but a Peugeot is more appropriate. French through and through.

-- I don't know exactly what kind of car Senator Kerry would be best likened to, but one thing is for sure, the Kerry model would come standard with continuously variable transmission.

COMMENT: Of the hundreds, if not thousands of emails Cavuto must get each day, isn't it interesting he picked these two, without including one negative toward Bush? Of course not. Using these two gives him an opportunity to remind viewers of two of the GOP's core Kerry mantras - that he's a Brie-eating, chardonnay-drinking, girlie French-type, and that he's a flip flopper. Neil's such a company man.