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Al QaQaa Missing Explosives scandal continues

Reported by Chrish - October 27, 2004 -

The obfuscation continues on Special Report 10/27 as Bret Baier reports on the Al Qa Qaa missing explosives scandal. We are being overwhelmed with names and dates and conflicting stories, all disguising the fact that while we were busy securing the oil fields we let the explosives get away.

Monday we were told to keep it in perspective - the NYTimes reported the missing 380 tons but neglected to put it in context of 400,000 tons found, secured, and destroyed or in the pipeline to be destroyed. (?) So it's "only" 760,000 pounds missing. These are the same explosives of which only 2 pounds are needed to bring down an airliner.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the existence of the explosives was called into question. The Bush administration can't be held responsible if the explosives were not secured at the site when it was under our control, so the spin for the admin would be to insinuate that the explosives were missing before US troops ever got there. There was even an attempt during the "All-stars" segment to equate massive stockpiles of destructive weapons to WMDs.

Today we hear from Bret Baier that the Pentagon is still analyzing satellite images of the Al Qa Qaa storage facility before the war began, which appear to show large truck activity.
However, this doesn't jive with the facts stated yesterday from Dana Lewis, the embedded former NBC reporter (now a Fox reporter) who said he saw bunkers cracked open by airstrikes, full of weapons, and hangars of rockets, and the bunkers were wired and sealed. (he was travelling with the 101st Airborne, who were ordered to pitstop at Al Qa Qaa on their way to Baghdad April 10, 2003.)

Comment: The US secured the Iraqi oil fields March 22, 2003, 3 days after we began "shock and awe." I saved the headline. The failure of this administration to prioritize the securing of the known stockpiles of conventional weapons shows extreme disregard for our troops' safety. Whether the theft happened through ignorance, negligence, or plain ol' incompetence, this is more proof positive that Bush is a failure as president and needs to go back to ruining businesses.