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Wasting One's Mind

Reported by Judy - October 26, 2004 -

George Bush may pretend to be just an average guy, but Fox and Friends today (Oct. 26) dug up somebody to say that he actually is smarter than John Kerry.

Steve Sailer, who writes for the National Review, looked at different exams Kerry and Bush took for entrance into the military more than 35 years ago and claimed the results show that Bush is smarter.

In an article on his webpage about the results, Sailer explained how he went about comparing the results of Kerry's test for the Navy and Bush's test for the Air Force. Talk about junk science. Sailer estimates Kerry's SAT score, based on his average score on the Navy officer's qualifying test, and then uses that to estimate Kerry's IQ. That's a few too many estimates and assumptions for me.

It's not important to me which candidate scores higher on a military test. What matters to me is what candidates have done with their intelligence. If Kerry's IQ is lower than Bush's, the senator certainly has done more with what he has got than Bush has. I don't think Bush is stupid. I think he is lazy. As Dan Quayle once tried to say, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.