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Morris Slithers Back to the Spotlight

Reported by Judy - October 26, 2004 -

Someone in Illinois was turning over rocks this morning (Oct. 26) and political consultant Dick Morris crawled out into the daylight, just in time to do a phone interview from Chicago for Fox and Friends.

The Friends co-hosts apparently wanted to interview Morris (with no Democratic rebuttal) about President Clinton's appearance with John Kerry in Philadelphia on Monday, which drew a crowd of tens of thousands. The Friends' questions, however, did not really matter, because the scumbag Morris only wanted air time to slime the Clintons.

President Clinton, Morris said, is only campaigning because he craves the spotlight and is like a solar battery that can't stand to be out of the sun. In other words, it's not because Clinton believes in Kerry's message or even wants to see him elected. Clinton got up out of his sick bed to campaign only for selfish reasons.

Morris then moved on to Senator Clinton, who he said will do the minimum amount she can to help the Democratic ticket because she actually wants Kerry to lose so she can run for president in 2008. Thus, Morris said, Senator Clinton will campaign in South Dakota where she won't do Kerry any good but can help Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle in his tight re-election race. Senator Clinton, however, will not actively try to sabotage Kerry's campaign because she might get caught.

Morris has been pushing this Hillary in 2008 scenario on Fox News for months, purporting to be able to read the Clintons' minds flawlessly and casting negative interpretations on their every move, secure in the knowledge that no one can possibly prove him wrong. Fox is anxious to give Morris the air time in hopes that some of the mud Morris flings will stick on Democrats.

If I had a choice of silencing one GOP pundit forever, I think I would pick Morris, even over Ann Coulter. Morris is just so slimy. Besides, I'd rather throw pies at Coulter.