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Kerry Better Watch What He Says

Reported by Melanie - October 26, 2004 -

Republican Congressman Peter King (R-NY) was a guest today on Dayside w/Linda Vester. King recently returned from Iraq and he was on to talk about his trip. King's interview followed a segment on how the "liberal media" could give Kerry a 5 point advantage in the election, which followed a segment about harassment of Republican voters in Florida.

King said he was able to have private conversations with our troops in Iraq, both men and women, and that they are proud professionals. King said the troops say things are much better than we're seeing in our American media. He said "they resent the coverage that's given back here in the United States," showing bombs on every corner. He said that while bombings obviously do occur, it's nothing like what we're shown. He said he wasn't saying it's safe there but he said it's far different "from what the American media shows," and the military feel they are doing their job.

Vester asked about moral and King said it is high. He said everyone he spoke with is proud.

Vester asked whether or not the Iraqis are following our election campaign, and King said they are. He said Allawi is a strong, impressive person who will do a good job. He said the troops say we need cooperation from ordinary Iraqis but the Iraqis are afraid Kerry will pull the troops out and "as a result of that you have less Iraqi coopertion with us because they're afraid if they're cooperating with us the troops will pull out and they're going to be slaughtered once our troops go. So, it's definitely having an impact." King said John Kerry can say what he wants but he should realize that what he says has an "impact on the ground" in Iraq.

Vester wondered if it would be fair if "some people" thought King was saying these things because he's a Republican and wants to see Bush reelected. King said it wouldn't be. He said he was a strong supporter of John McCain in 2000 but since 9-ll has come to support and have "tremendous admiration" for Bush, that he knows people in the military, he has constituents in Iraq, and he wouldn't allow "politics to get involved in something like that."

Vester wondered whether Iraqis are afraid to "be openly supportive of the US," and King said they are. He said they're not convinced we're going to stay, "especially when they see what John Kerry's saying." King said they think we're going to leave them there. King concluded by saying that Allawi asked him to thank the American people for what they're doing in Iraq.

COMMENT: This being the third straight segment which criticized Kerry or Democrats, and praised Bush, you can imagine that by now I was pretty sure I wasn't watching the "fair and balanced" channel anymore.