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Common Sense?

Reported by Melanie - October 26, 2004 -

In his "Common Sense" segment yesterday, Neil Cavuto blasted former President Jimmy Carter for giving an interview to a European newspaper, in which Carter questioned the war in Iraq and George Bush, among other things.

Today (October 25, 2004), Cavuto mentioned Carter again, but mostly he emphasized the liberal/biased media theme which was woven through both Your World w/Neil Cavuto and Dayside w/Linda Vester today.

Cavuto said, "You know, everytime people tell me there is no media bias, I use stories such as mine on Jimmy Carter to illustrate just the opposite. The official media loves Carter," and some have dumped on me for not sharing that love. "That's fine." But what isn't is "pretending you're serving your readers or viewers by saying you're giving both sides." Take the issue of the "tons of explosives now missing in Iraq." Why no reporting on this NBC News item that these weapons "might have disappeared way before American troops even arrived on the scene?" And, why suddenly this "newfound concern for explosives at all, one of our primary reasons for going into Iraq" when "all the established media argued there were no such explosives in Iraq?" Could it be "even remotely possible" that some of the 350 tons of these "high explosives were even higher than that, I don't know, maybe the mass destruction kind?"

Even if we were to find scores of WMD, at this point "I doubt it'd make so much as a point of mention in newspapers or news casts. Bias is alive and well my friends." It's amazing how Fox gets routinely "dumped on" for "covering news one way" yet not a word about others.

Insisting Carter's a saint, or weapons aren't there, if it doesn't fit their picture, we don't get the picture and let me tell ya, it ain't pretty.

COMMENT: Visit conservative or Republican websites across the web today and you'll see that this message about the biased and/or liberal media refusing to emphasize the NBC story is all over the place. They all got the memo, I guess. (Also, boy, I think you'd have to have forgotten an awful lot about what happened over the last couple years to make sense of what Cavuto says here.)