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Another Hill Low Point

Reported by Judy - October 26, 2004 -

No sooner do I let E.D. Hill out of the dog house when she does something that makes me wish she were still in there. Today (Oct. 26) it came during her discussion of the380 tons of high explosives missing in Iraq.

First, Hill revisited yesterday's ground about the neighborhood in Florida that received free copies of The New York Times in the driveways yesterday. The edition carried the story about the missing explosives. The mysterious newspaper deliveries was not an important story yesterday and it's still not important today, but Hill obviously believes it is the devil's own work.

Today's Times includes a follow-up story on the missing explosives, but Hill was annoyed that it did not include a later statement released by the administration claiming that the material already was missing when U.S. occupation troops showed up. (The Times article does include the information in the body of the story, but Hill apparently can only read the really big black letters). Then Hill said that The Times and CBS are working on the story together.

Together? Does she really believe that? Fox News may work with the right-wing Washington Times, which also is in bed with the Bush administration, but that is not the way real journalists do it.

Then again, how would Hill know that?

P.S. If the information Hill cited was so important, why didn't Bush campaign manager Ken Mehlman include it in the e-mail sent to Bush backers on Monday? Hmmmmm, as Steve Doocy would say.