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Hill's History Lesson

Reported by Judy - October 25, 2004 -

Fox and Friends co-host E.D. Hill today (Oct. 25) tried to give viewers a history lesson about pre-emptive attacks, using World War II as an example, but her analogy falls flat.

Hill was referring to a statement that John Kerry made about World War II and said that U.S. actions in World War II amounted to a pre-emptive attack because "we went to war with Germany and they hadn't attacked us." Apparently, she thought Germany's threat to the world in 1941 was somehow equivalent to that of Saddam Hussein's in 2003.

The U.S., however, only declared war on Japan immediately after its attack on Pearl Harbor. Congress followed with a declaration of war on Germany only after Germany declared war on us. Japan and Germany were allies and one of the allies had attacked our nation. Saddam and Iraq were not allies of anyone who attacked the U.S., no matter how much Bush and Hill want to believe that. And Germany's threat to the U.S. after it had declared war was real and immediate -- we depended on ocean travel for movements of troops, munitions, and raw materials. German naval power threatened our shipping and the shipping of our allies in the war against facism. It would have been foolish not to answer Germany's declaration of war.

Add history to the things Hill "don't know much about."l