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Dirty Trick: Giving People the News

Reported by Judy - October 25, 2004 -

Fox and Friends today (Oct. 25) is promoting the idea that the last week of the presidential campaign will be dominated by dirty tricks by both sides, but the example they cited is not worthy of Nixon's Donald Segretti.

Co-host Steve Doocy interviewed Larry Sabato, a political science professor from the University of Virginia, who predicted the next eight days will feature October surprises, last minute dirty tricks, and last minute leaflets with scurrilous charges which the media will not be able to fact-check. "It's a question of a little dirty or a lot dirty," he said, predicting both sides will do it.

(If you have any question about Sabato's political leanings, please note that his web page says that Fox News Channel calls him America's favorite political scientist.)

A few minutes after Sabato's interview ended, Doocy read an e-mail he received from a woman in Florida saying that when she went to pick up her local newspaper this morning, she also found a copy of The New York Times in her driveway, even though she doesn't subscribe to it. And everybody else on her block also had a copy of The Times.

Doocy added, "And the front page (of The Times ) is completely anti-Bush," referring to such stories as the missing explosives in Iraq, Gore and Kerry campaigning together for African-American's votes, and the slaughter of Iraqi guardsmen in Iraq. "Hmmmmm," said Doocy, suggesting, but not offering any evidence, that Democrats were somehow buying up copies of the newspaper and giving them away in hopes of influencing the election. (Perhaps it was a newspaper promotion.)

Can you imagine the audacity of someone giving away copies of a newspaper that reports things that are happening in the world, rather than what George Bush says is happening? Asking voters to read a newspaper instead of just absorbing negative campaign ads -- what will they stoop to next?