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Bush -- Unsafe in Any Interview

Reported by Judy - October 25, 2004 -

Sean Hannity's much-hyped interview with George Bush appears to be causing the Scrub some problems today (Oct. 25), judging from segments on Fox and Friends and Fox News Live.

Bush, who has yet to master the art of saying what he means, told Hannity that the 9/11 Commission report says that the nation is safer now but "whether or not we can ever be fully safe is up in the air."

After airing the clip from that interview, Fox showed Kerry telling a crowd that if he is elected, "It's not going to be up in the air whether we make Americans safer."

In an interview with Jon Scott on Fox News Live, Democratic Sen. Jon Corzine of New Jersey said the muddled statement was symbolic of Bush's "muddled approach" to national security. Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas said the president only meant that the country will do everything it can to stop terrorism, but since this is a free country, we never can be completely safe.

In his tightly controlled campaign events, Bush has been telling voters for months that only he can keep Americans safe. Then, in one unscripted session with an interviewer who thinks he is God, Bush blows it all away with a stupid statement.

Looks like the Bush dynasty has a pair of presidents with silver feet in their mouths.