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George Soros and 527's Targeted Again

Reported by Deborah - October 23, 2004 -

Jarrett had a panel on Fox News Live, 4:50 PM to discuss the large amounts of cash being spent by both parties this month but the real thrust of the piece was an allegation that George Soros and 527 groups were trying to buy the election for John Kerry. 10/23/04

The panel included Howard Ickes, America Coming Together, Steven Moore, Club for Growth and Alex Knott, Center for Public Integrity. Jarrett quickly turned the topic from the amounts spent by each party to George Soros and the millions he has spent through 527's to defeat Bush.
"Are you guys trying to buy this election?" he asked Ickes.
Not satisfied, he asked the others who also wouldn't give him the answer he wanted so Jarrett rephrased it and managed to fill the segment with George Soros's name and wealth.

Then Jarrett asked Steven Moore about who his large donors were from the right.He was careful to mention that the question was "in the spirit of fairness."
However, Moore refused to divulge the donors and Jarret let it slide without any objection.

comment: Steven Moore is responsible for that repulsive ad from the primaries showing the respectable seniors ranting about " sushi eating, volvo driving, latte drinking liberals." His refusal to divulge his large contributors and Jarrett's granting him a pass was typical Fox.