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Goose Droppings

Reported by Judy - October 22, 2004 -

Fox and Friends today (Oct. 22) went back over John Kerry's goose-hunting trip in Ohio yesterday, trying to compare it to Dukakis in the tank.

Co-host Steve Doocy pushed the line that Kerry alienated liberals by going hunting, saying their reaction to seeing him with a gun in camouflage would be, "That's not what we stand for." Judge Andrew Napolitani said it was too late in the game for Kerry to try to be winning over gun owners by going hunting. (Actually, Kerry went pheasant hunting in Iowa while campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination a year ago.)

In an interview with Democratic National Chair Terry McAuliffe, co-host E.D. Hill said if the goal of the event was to give voters a better sense of John Kerry the guy, "Shouldn't they already have that sense?" McAuliffe said the photo op reminded undecided voters that Democrats support the Second Amendment.

In an interview with former presidential adviser David Gergen, Doocy returned to his theme that by going hunting, Kerry might "inflame some of his liberal base." Gergen disagreed, saying that Kerry's hunting foray was "all about reaching rural voters" who can identify with a guy carrying a shot gun walking through a field of corn ready to be harvested. Gergen said the image of Kerry with a gun is a reminder that "Kerry can take care of you. ... that Kerry knows about guns and violence and can take care of you."

Fox and Friends brought the issue up again, in an interview with Chris Wallace promoting his Sunday show. Wallace said that "some poor goose paid the ultimate price for a photo-op" and that the stunt was "silly." But he said the picture of Kerry walkiong with a gun was about more than the right to bear arms, but also speaks to him as being a leader.

Judging from the number of times Fox played the clip during one hour of Fox and Friends, the news channel is opting for Doocy's interpretation rather than Gergen's.