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Clinton Blamed for Oral Sex Epidemic

Reported by Deborah - October 22, 2004 -

Getting ready for Clinton's return to public life with his appearance in Philly, on Monday, with Kerry, Geraldine Ferraro and Bob Dornan joined Colmes and Ollie North to discuss how Clinton will influence the race. Dornan immediatly took the low road bringing up oral sex. 10/22/04 9PM

Dornan referenced the Bush's appearance on Dr Phil's program saying.
"Dr. Phil told them that oral sex is epidemic among teenagers. Guess who told this nation that oral sex is not a sin?"
Dornan went on to say that Bill Clinton told the world that oral and phone sex was fine but it's a mortal sin claiming that this will come to mind when people are in church on Sunday.

Ferraro had an excellent comeback. "I go to church every Sunday and what comes to my mind is how many people are poor and hungry."

Comment: It was interesting to see how quickly Colmes and Ferraro jumped in when phone sex was mentioned. They sure didn't want to go there right now.