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The Outfoxed Effect

Reported by Ellen - October 21, 2004 -

Last night on FOX News Live with Alan Colmes, one of the guests (sorry, didn't get his name, but he owns a FOX-affiliated radio station in California), related an anecdote about an encounter in Santa Cruz, California, while wearing a FOX News Jacket. It seems he met up with some people who must have seen Outfoxed and had a few choice words for Mr. Station-Owner. Mr. S-O, apparently taped the encounter.

First, the people sang "Dirty Laundry," which was sort of the theme song of Outfoxed. Excerpts from the "conversation" (probably more accurately described as a verbal onslaught) are as follows:
"Rupert Murdoch is the worst facist in the world today."
"You have no credibility. All you do is take the direct Bush/Cheney line and you feed it to the public as truth. You don't analyze it..."
"That's right. Amen."
"...You don't try to investigate it... The people of Santa Cruz don't like it."

Comment: While the vitriol was a bit over the top for my tastes, it was good to see that people are taking the message of the movie to heart. I can't disagree with the statements, though I, Ms. Opinionated Anti-FOX Crusdader 2004, would probably not have accosted someone in that way.