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Fox News Helps the NRA Counter Images of Kerry Goose Hunting

Reported by Melanie - October 21, 2004 -

Steve Brown reported from the Kerry campaign in Columbus, Ohio today (October 21, 2004) on Dayside w/Linda Vester.

Brown began by talking about Kerry's goose hunting expedition as video aired of Kerry walking with two other men, all of them dressed in camouflage. In the video, both of the men with Kerry are carrying a dead goose, but Kerry isn't. Brown said Kerry told reporters that he didn't carry a goose because he was too giddy from watching the Red Sox/Yankee game last night.

Brown then said: "Now, the National Rifle Association did not let Kerry's hunting photo op go unchallenged. The NRA bought a full page ad in the Youngstown, Ohio newspaper. It mirrors TV ads the lobbying organization is running these days [a video clip of the NRA ad appeared on screen for four or five seconds] . The NRA charges that a Kerry White House would mean stricter gun controls. By the way, the NRA endorses President Bush."

Brown then went on to say that Dana Reeves would introduce Kerry today at the Columbus speech, and to tell viewers a bit about Kerry's beliefs on scientific and stem cell research.

COMMENT: Like the NRA, Fox didn't let "Kerry's hunting photo op go unchallenged" either. They just couldn't let that video of Kerry stand on it's own, could they? They had to hit it hard by inserting the NRA blurb, and finishing it off with, "By the way, the NRA endorses President Bush." Wouldn't want any gun owners to have any random thoughts about voting for Kerry, now would we?