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Col. David Hunt: We're Gonna "Do" Fallujah!

Reported by Marie Therese - October 21, 2004 -

On 10/18/04 between 8:21 PM and 8:25 PM EDT, Bill O'Reilly and Col. David Hunt (US Army-Ret.) discussed the war in Iraq, disobeying orders and the imminent attack on Fallujah.

O'Reilly "They [the platoon] were making a lot of excuses not to do the mission."

HUNT: "...When they didn't go, another platoon, who was off, had to come in and take that mission on those trucks."

O'Reilly: "Reservists?"

HUNT: "Same unit. Same reservists. Same soldiers from another platoon..."

O'Reilly: "And they made it through without any casualties ... would you call them mutineers?"

HUNT: "If it's a ship, they're mutineers ... that hasn't happened [for] a long time in the Navy. Happened in the 70's, but ... they've disobeyed ... a legal order ... These kids did not trust their military chain of command."

O'Reilly: "What is the general morale among US forces?"

HUNT: "Morale is generally very good until the unit's about to rotate ... they're tired. They're tired. They like doing their jobs."

O'Reilly: "But they're just sick of bein' there."

HUNT: "Eighteen hours a day in 140 degree heat - people get tired. But they don't mind doing it because they like - it's an all volunteer force ... It's nothing like Vietnam. This is a better army than we had then."


HUNT: "They're gonna crush Fallujah, the insurgency, because on the 1st of November ya' have 30,000 polls that hafta open up in Iraq to have January elections."

O'REILLY: "Two weeks."

HUNT: "The Sunni triangle has 25% of the population of Iraq, a lot of that - 300,000 in Fallujah. It's gonna get started. If they don't do Fallujah, they can't do Sadr City. For a political reason, that is, the elections, they're gonna have to crush it."

O'REILLY: What does that mean? ... So they're tellin' the people of Fallujah to get out now?"

HUNT: "Absolutely. They've been doing that for a while."

O'REILLY: "They're gonna level the place."

HUNT: "They're gonna go after these houses like you've seen destroyed and what - they will keep goin' 'til they meet in the center of the city. Last time they stopped one-third of the way in." (End transcript.)


I'm fed up with all this psycho-macho claptrap that describes military assaults as if they were sequels to "Debbie Does Dallas." At least in the porn film Debbie gets pleasure out of being "done."

Do Colonel Hunt and Bill O'Reilly actually beleive that 295,000 non-insurgent Iraqis have packed up and left Fallujah? What is the matter with these men? Hunt doesn't even seem to be able to distinguish one platoon of American soldiers from another. They are the "same soldiers from another platoon." Just faceless, nameless bodies to be moved around on a large strategy board.

In 1914 the eminent American poet, Carl Sandburg, said it far better than I could ever hope to:


I have been watching the war map slammed up for
advertising in front of the newspaper office.
Buttons--red and yellow buttons--blue and black buttons--
are shoved back and forth across the map.

A laughing young man, sunny with freckles,
Climbs a ladder, yells a joke to somebody in the crowd,
And then fixes a yellow button one inch west
And follows the yellow button with a black button one
inch west.

(Ten thousand men and boys twist on their bodies in
a red soak along a river edge,
Gasping of wounds, calling for water, some rattling
death in their throats.)
Who would guess what it cost to move two buttons one
inch on the war map here in front of the newspaper
office where the freckle-faced young man is laughing
to us?