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Carl Cameron Still Showing Bias

Reported by Ellen - October 21, 2004 -

Last night, "Campaign Carl" Cameron was a guest via telephone from Ohio on FOX News Live with Alan Colmes. After a brief discussion about the tight preidential campaign, Colmes just happened to bring up the Pat Robertson "controversy," that Bush told Robertson there would be no casualties in an Iraq war. That just happened to provide an opening for Cameron to detail Bush's side of the story.

Cameron: Scott McClellan has... said that Karl Rove, the president's top political advisor was actually in the room (how convenient!) and Scott says Karl says the president never said that... It should be noted that the president in his speeches prior to the invasion of Iraq did say that there would be sacrifices and American losses.. (So glad you got that point in, because it sounds just like an RNC talking point, Carl)

"The Kerry campaign raised that issue, essentially because they wanted to draw George W. Bush out and get the Bush campaign knocked off message. This is the stage at which campaigns will seize on anything possible in order to distract the staff, the candidate and drive them off message..."

Cameron then related Teresa Heinz Kerry's comments to USA Today that she thought she was "more experienced and led a fuller life than Laura Bush who never really held a real job... Of course, Laura Bush was a librarian and a teacher and for a Democrat to suggest that a woman who was a teacher never really had a serious job is a COLOSSAL gaffe." (said with incredulity at such lack of savvy).

Comment: First Cameron provides the Bush side of the story about his misrepresentation. Then Cameron characterizes the whole issue as campaign tactics. But he gives the Bush side of the story again with the Teresa anecdote (never giving Kerry's or his wife's) then characterizes Teresa Heinz Kerry's statement as a "colossal gaffe."

FOX ought to rename him "Campaign for Bush" Carl Cameron.