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A Policy Speech or a Stump Speech? On Fox News It's Hard to Know

Reported by Melanie - October 20, 2004 -

On Monday Fox went live for more than 40 minutes to a Bush speech Bush was giving in New Jersey. The Bush administration and Fox News billed the speech as a "major speech on the war on terror." Of course, it turned out to be nothing more than a long version of Bush's everyday stump speech.

Today (October 20, 2004) during Dayside w/Linda Vester, Fox aired twelve minutes of a live Bush speech from Rochester, Minnesota. Off and on during the speech, the banner at the bottom of the screen read: "Speech on the Economy in Rochester, MN." (I have a lot of qualms with CNN but this time they got it right. Their banner read: "President Bush at Campaign Rally in Rochester, MN.")

COMMENT: Does Fox use their banners to mask the fact that they give so much time to covering Bush campaign speeches? In other words, are they pretending they're covering a speech having to do with presidential policies and decision-making, instead of a campaign speech? (There IS a difference.) Just wondering. Also, has anyone seen any significant Fox coverage over the last few days of a live Kerry speech, be it a "major speech" or an everyday stump speech? I sure haven't.