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Direct contacts for Sinclair Broadcasting Group

Reported by Chrish - October 19, 2004 -

You can contact SBG executives at the following numbers to make (polite!) comments and ask questions about their corporate decision to mandate the Kerry-bashing film "Stolen Honor" less than two weeks before the election.

410-568-1506-David Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer
410-568-1505-Fred Smith, Vice President
410-568-1508-Duncan Smith, Vice President and Secretary
410-568-1504-Mark Hyman/Cam Smart, Vice President for Corporate
Relations/Adm. Asst.
410-568-1507-Rob Smith, Director
410-568-1509-Helen Smith
410-752-2468-Steve Thomas, Outside Counsel, Thomas & Libowitz

Some sample questions:

Why are you showing this attack film against John Kerry? Are you trying to
insure that Bush wins?

Do you know that I'm going to contact the
to urge them to deny your stations a license renewal?

Do you know that I'm going to contact all of your advertisers and ask them
not to buy time on your stations ?

Did you know that I'm a holder of mutual funds that currently have Sinclair
in their portfolios; and that I'm going to urge them to drop you? See link:

Thanks for your help in achieving media fairness!