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(Witch)Hunting the UN

Reported by Nancy - October 18, 2004 -

This morning (10/18) on FNL, Jonathan Hunt is still blathering on about the UN Oil-for-Food program. Today's "outrage"? How the UN plans to pay for the investigation.

Yes, believe it or not, Hunt is still trying to turn this into a one-size-fits-all, bash-the-UN issue. Today at 9:51am (EDT) he reported [comment: in that hideous Larchmont lockjaw style] that (gasp!) UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan wants to use Oil-for-Food money to pay for the investigation. Hunt included a quote from an unnamed "US official" opposing this, but ultimately had to include the tiny detail that the $30 million he's talking about is a fund specifically set aside for UN administrative costs like ... AUDITS.

There was a teaser for this story at 10:25am (EDT) with Hunt saying: "You'll never believe what Kofi Annan wants to do with the money", then Hunt's 9:51 segment was repeated, essentially word-for-word & graphic-for-graphic, at 10:33am (EDT). [comment: outrageous! the UN wants to use money budgeted for audits to do an audit! they've got their nerve!]

Hunt ended both segments by asking if this money shouldn't be used to help the Iraqi people. [comment: it must have escaped Hunt's keen notice that, if fraud or other illegal activities are proven, the fines & other potential penalties assessed against those responsible will go a lot further toward "helping the Iraqi people" than his false sympathy will.]

A nice bookend for this "we're so concerned about the Iraqi people" pose was offered by a segment from Greg Palkot at 10:31am (EDT), who reported (from safe within the Green Zone) that the US military is encircling Fallujah & "throwing everything they've got" at the town. This was accompanied by video of stunned civilians wandering around rubble.

Other pieces of news FNL thought you couldn't live without this morning included: churches in Mexico using cell phone jammers; the Toilet Olympics (multiple teasers plus short blurb); Tommy Lee Jones in the UNebraska marching band; teasers plus a couple of "updates" on the Scott Peterson trial; an ALERT at 10:12 (EDT) about a SCOTUS ruling re Texas redistricting that Brigitte Quinn completely mangled; & a blurb about a "swan flap" in Russia.