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FOX Harps Again on "Voter Fraud" Without Regard for Voting Rights

Reported by Ellen - October 18, 2004 -

On Saturday night's After Hours with Cal Thomas, FOX once again stealthily paved the way toward scrubbing voter rolls of Democrats and minorities with yet another segment alleging "voter fraud." It's sickening to me and I hope other readers will contact FOX to let it know how sickening it is to others.

Cal Thomas opened the segment with the following rhetoric:

"Voter fraud may be rampant this year as unqualified voters seek to cast ballots and COULD make the difference in what could be a repeat of the 2000 election. How frightening is that? Reports are already coming in from across the country of people who have registered numerous times; there are concerns of elderly voters in nursing homes whose votes may be stolen from them by political operatives. Illegal aliens, convicted felons, even dead people may be voting in record numbers, the ultimate absentee ballot."

Comment: This is VERY frightening alright, but not for the reasons Thomas says. He seems to have forgotten that the problem in 2000 was uncounted votes and voters improperly purged from the voting rolls. Where's his concern about that?

Cal's guest for the segment was John Fund, author of "Stealing Elections," one of FOX's favorite books judging from all the appearances of Fund on FOX. Tonight, he stated, that one of the obstacles to a fair election "is we have this flood of new registrations. Many people were paid to bring in these registrations. They probably filled out duplicate ones, they probably filled out registration forms for people who don't exist."

Another problem, according to Fund, is absentee and early voting. He complained about an area in Pennsylvania where Alzheimer's patients voted in higher percentages than the voting population at large.

Comment: Is there a law against Alzheimer's patients being allowed to vote? Lots of them are somewhat functional and may know how they want to vote. My grandmother did.

Also, why does Fund say people "probably" filled out duplicate registrations and for people who don't exist? He never said. Having done voter registration drives, myself, I have never seen such a thing happen. I'm sure it does but have any studies been done as to the real likelihood? Given that the New York Times reported recently that new registrants have been far more likely to register as Democrats than Republicans, could Fund and FOX have an ulterior motive?

I might be able to consider Thomas' and Fund's allegations somewhat seriously had they offered any concern whatsoever for people who might be improperly disenfranchised as the result of their kind of clean-up. Instead, all the focus is on illegal voting, not illegal barriers to voting. Very suspicious. Very frightening, indeed.

Contact afterhours@foxnews.com and let them know that you think this is nothing less than an attempt to strip SOME people of their votes.