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Fox News: From Child Care to Gay Bashing in Minutes

Reported by Melanie - October 16, 2004 -

One of the guests on Your World w/Neil Cavuto on Friday (October 15, 2004) was James Dobson, the radical, ultra-conservative Christian fundamentalist founder of Focus on the Family.

The Dobson segment, consisting of a conversation between Cavuto and Dobson, initally centered around techniques parents should use to comfort their children when they're confronted with horrific and terrifying events, such as 9/11 or the school massacre in Beslan.

By the end of the segment though, Dobson was lamenting the curriculum taught in schools in California and Massachusetts (states he mentioned, interestingly enough), and he was urging parents to take their kids out of those school systems if the curriculum couldn't be cleansed of things like sex education. As Dobson spoke, Fox News aired video of same-sex couples embracing and kissing, so Dobson's point was made clear.

COMMENT: This segment started out being about one thing (comforting children), but it quietly drifted into being about another thing (gay bashing).

Such is Fox News.