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A Fox Book For Every Fox Anchor?

Reported by Ellen - October 16, 2004 -

Yesterday, News Hound Melanie wrote, "It looks like every anchor on Fox News is guaranteed at least one book, published by News Corp. (Fox News' parent company), as part of their contract." She was writing about a guest appearance of Brian Kilmeade of FOX & Friends on Your World w/Neil Cavuto to promote his new book, The Games Do Count: America's Best and Brightest on the Power of Sports.

Last night, I thought the exact same thing when Brian Kilmeade appeared on Fox News Live with Alan Colmes to discuss the same book for a full segment. Colmes even worked in a mention or two of his own book ("now out in paperback"), which just happens to be published by the same (News Corp.-owned) publisher, ReganBooks. And earlier today, I got out of the library (for blogging purposes only, dear readers) Sean Hannity's latest, also published by Regan.

Luckily for us listeners, Kilmeade's interview didn't seem to go quite the way he planned. At the start of the interview, Alan Colmes admitted that, in his own life, sports had been traumatic rather than transcendant. That started a sort of impromptu stand-up routine that included many of the callers. It was pretty funny and sometimes touching but also nearly eclipsed the "better living through sports" theme of Kilmeade's book. Kilmeade made a comment at some point to the effect of, "Was this interview something your producer made you do?" but he was good-natured about the whole thing. He even found a way to work in some of the anecdotes from his book into the unexpected framework, showing that he, too, is a good FOX employee who knows how to do promotion.