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Hannity's Race Card

Reported by Deborah - October 15, 2004 -

Whenever the issue of voter fraud and intimidation from the Republicans comes up, Hannity immediatly accuses Democrats of playing the race card and evoking Jim Crowe. The most recent stories about Republicans destroying Democratic registration forms has really gotten to Fox and Hannity who have spent two nights in frantic spin mode. 10/14/04 and 10/15/04

On 10/14 only a republican rep was available because, according to Colmes, the Kerry Campaign person canceled 90 minutes before air time. Steve Shmidt quickly turned the tables making it seem like all the voter registration fraud was done by the Democrats. He also claimed that the allegations were made by a disgruntled employee. Shmidt claimed that Democrats were working from a "secret democratic play book" which told them to make allegations of voter intimidation. He was rather confused and vague and didn't hold up well when Colmes refuted the "play book" charge.

Hannity made his entrance talking about Kerry "He just hired Jesse Jackson. Jesse Jackson said Republicans have the ideology of the confederacy"

The segment was unprofessional and unbelievable. Any viewer could see how much information had been left out and anyone who read the news reports could see that the spin was over the top.

The story returned tonight 10/15 with two election lawyers Cleta Mitchell,R. and
Angelo Genero,D. Last night's story tried to implicate only Democrats but tonight Fox conceded that both sides are concerned. However, the Fox victim tactic was used claiming that Democrats are accusing Republicans unfairly. Cleta
Mitchell was positive that no voter intimidation or disenfanchisement has ever occurred claiming that Republicans simply want to assure that people are legally registered and only vote once.

Angelo Genero tried to explain the pattern of voter suppression of minorities until Hannity entered.
" What you're doing is disgraceful. You guys got caught with pre emptive strikes accusing voter intimidation." Mention of the race card, Jim crow and Jesse Jackson got into the speech somewhere and Hannity refused to accept that any minority voter intimidation has ever occurred.
Genero was angered, " I handled their litigation".
Cleta Mitchell just kept repeating, "It's not true." Mitchell called reports after the Florida election in 2000 "popular myth."

Comment: Have Fox and Hannity completely lost their minds? How can they tell such blatant lies on air ? The stories are everywhere and easily accessed.

I have volunteered to be a poll monitor for PFAW on election day. As part of a group which includes a lawyer, I will help people who have problems with their registration when they arrive to vote. In Pennsylvania, there will be a brand new law requiring new voters to produce ID . Since the voters were never informed of this change, many new voters will face problems. If help is not available, these people will leave without voting. There have been many documented problems throughout this country and this time we will be prepared.

Home with a broken leg, I watched the hours of testimony from people in Florida who had experienced this "popular myth" first hand in 2000. It was horrifying and widespread in the state. The testimonies told of citizens being humiliated at the polls, when they came to vote because they had been put on the felon rolls were very real. There were other testimonies from people who were prevented from even reaching the polls by brutal police. This was a national tragedy that can never be repeated.