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Censure that Iraq Talk!

Reported by Melanie - October 15, 2004 -

An interesting exchange took place today (October 15, 2004) on Dayside w/Linda Vester between Vester and "Democratic strategist" Bob Beckel.

Beckel was on with Lisa Schiffren, identified as the author of "Softer Voices," and as a writer for the National Review and the Weekly Standard. The topic was Kerry's reference to Cheney's lesbian daughter in Wednesday night's third presidential debate.

Directing a question to Beckel, Vester read an email: "Here's the point on Cheney's daughter. If it were any other gay person mentioned, any politician with any integrity would ask permission of that person to bring their sexual preference into the limelight." Vester turned to Beckel for a response.

As he chuckled, Beckel said: "You know, the hypocracy level here is, ah, I mean, the fact that they want to turn this thing away from Iraq -- if I were Bush I would too. I, I mean, but I, but why would Kerry want to turn it away from Iraq? The fact of the matter is that he's got a, he's got a terrible war that he keeps somehow living in Oz, saying that it's going just fine..."

Vester interrupts: "Bob, I know that you want go on Iraq, but ah..."

Beckel: "No I don't want to go on Iraq, but, but, but..."

Vester, in a loud, irritated voice: "Well, no, that's just where you went when I asked you a question about something else!"

Beckel: "Okay, but, but..."

Vester: "I'm tellin' you, I'm getting the word from my producer. I don't mean to be rude but ah, I do have to go to a commercial break before the computer cuts me off so it's good to see you both. Thanks for being here."

COMMENT: Is this the Vester version of cutting someone's mic? Five Iraq segments aired during this show. Three of the segments were "happy Iraq" reports on how much life is improving there. It looks to me like Fox is going overboard to control the Iraq message, lo these last delicate days before the election.