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Still Playing the Victim

Reported by Nancy - October 13, 2004 -

Several days ago (10/9), newshound Deborah posted an entry about Laurie Dhue interviewing a New Jersey teacher who was reassigned to another school, allegedly because she displayed a picture of Bush in her classroom, giving the impression that the teacher was persecuted unjustly for her patriotic bulletin board display. However, that was not the whole story.

FNL this morning (10/13) is still doing the "victim" routine with this story.

At 10:32am (EDT) Rick Leventhal reported on the same NJ schoolteacher. His segment was basically a rehash of the Dhue interview, this time with clips of the teacher, Shiba Pillai-Diaz (who still maintains that she did nothing wrong) & the assertion that the incident "may" have been because the teacher is a GOP campaign volunteer -- a tidbit which apparently hadn't been previously noted. Leventhal also read a very brief bit from the school district's official statement about the matter, but made no attempt to clarify the facts of the situation for viewers (although those facts were given in that statement).

Comment: This teacher must be in line for a job at Fox. She's also been on O'Reilly (another guy who loves the "victim" angle). Given the FACTS outlined in the school district's official statement & the revelation that she's a GOP volunteer, I'm inclined to believe she was deliberate plant whose actions were calculated to provoke exactly this kind of incident.