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Advertising Disguised as a News Story

Reported by Ellen - October 13, 2004 -

At the bottom of the FOXNews.com website is a box called "War on Terror" that supposedly offers a "Terror Handbook. Understanding and facing the threat to America." Underneath are a number of links. The first link, "Financial Sites in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Newark, N.J., on HIGH (Orange) Alert is a link to the main "War on Terror Handbook" that just happens to contain a large link at the top of the page (left side) to purchase a book published by - surprise - News Corp-owned (as FOX News is) HarperResource.

The second link, How to Save Your Life, is a link to genuine information about surviving terrorism. The third, Tips for Traveling Abroad Safely is an excerpt from the same HarperResource book. The fourth, Are You Prepared for an Attack? is a link to a page from the Department of Homeland Security. The fifth, Staying Safe: The Complete Guide to Protecting Yourself, Your Family and Your Business is actually a link to Amazon.com where you can purchase that book of the same name. Need I add that that's the same book as was promo'd before?

So, out of five links, three contain an ad for the same HarperResource book. One is nothing more than an ad for that book. What is FOX more interested in, helping its readers learn more about the war on terror or selling a book published by a related company?

I report, you decide.