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Emptying Bush's Brain

Reported by Judy - October 12, 2004 -

Dick Morris, political scum-bag extraordinaire, has come up with the most far-fetched excuse for George Bush's poor performance in his first debate with John Kerry. Bush's brain was too full.

Morris, appearing on Fox and Friends today (Oct. 12), said that Bush's brain is full of facts that he needs to put aside in a debate so he can state his views more succinctly. Morris said Bush has a lot of confidential information that he can't use in debates concerning relations with allies and other topics and when he answers a question he must sort through all of that information, being careful not to reveal national secrets. Therefore, he said, Bush needs to empty all that stuff out of his head before a debate.

All this time, I thought Bush's head was empty and that his staff was working overtime trying to put something into his brain.