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Brit Hume makes John Kerry's point for him.

Reported by Chrish - October 12, 2004 -

On Special Report today, in the Grapevine segment, Brit Hume reported that the Heinz Kerrys paid an income tax rate of 12.8% while the GW Bushs paid 30.4%, according to the conservative Club for Growth.

Of note, Hume gave numbers ($6.8m income, $725k tax) for the Kerrys but none for the Bushes. Perhaps he didn't want to blow the folksy image by telling viewers that good ol' George made $727k last year...certainly not in the Kerry's league but way over most of ours.

John Kerry has repeatedly and consistently said he would roll back the tax cuts which benefit the very wealthy, raising his own taxes. This discrepancy is not John Kerry's doing, but GW Bush's.