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On FOX Edwards is Always a Trial Lawyer

Reported by Ellen - October 11, 2004 -

Fox News Sunday yesterday had an interview with Senator and Vice Presidential candidate, John Edwards. It was a relatively fair and balanced interview with Chris Wallace in which Edwards did a good job of holding his own against Wallace's tough questions on Kerry's health plan vis a vis the deficit and raising taxes and the Duelfer report. However, the caption along the bottom of the screen "just happened" to point out that Edwards is a former trial lawyer. FOX News never tires of bringing that point to the foreground about Edwards.

Does FOX ever mention Bush's background as an alcoholic? Failed businessman? Possible cocaine abuser? Or that current VP Dick Cheney still receives compensation from his former company, Halliburton, which is under investigation for overbilling the US government and which has made a killing in the Iraq war? Of course not.