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Hearing What They Want to Hear

Reported by Judy - October 11, 2004 -

Like true supporters of George Bush, Fox and Friends co-hosts have a habit of hearing what they want to hear when it comes to Sen. John Kerry's comments. Co-host Steve Doocy demonstrated the tendency today (Oct. 11) when discussing a Kerry comment on terrorism.

Doocy was discussing a comment by Kerry reported in a Sunday New York Times interview, in which Kerry said that the nation needs to get back to a place where terrorism is a "nuisance."

Doocy began an interview with Chad Clanton from the Kerry campaign by distorting the quotation and asking, "Does Kerry think terrorists are nuisances?"

Later in the show, White House reporter Wendell Goler said the Bush campaign has produced an ad built around the distorted quotation.

In the first hour of Fox News Live, Jon Scott began an interview by stating (rather than asking a question), "It seems like terrorism is more than a nuisance in our lives."

Rodney Slater, secretary of transportation under President Clinton, did not catch the misstatement and went on to discuss Kerry's views on terrorism. How simple it would have been to recall Richard Holbrooke's statement from last week in which he told Scott that he was stating what the Bush campaign was misstating Kerry as saying.

Interesting that the Bush ad had not yet aired, and already Fox was helping to drive hom the talking point, based on a distortion of Kerry's actual statement -- an expression of hope that someday terror alerts won't dominate our lives.