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Sinclair Affiliates Ordered to Run "Stolen Honor"

Reported by Marie Therese - October 10, 2004 -

The Baltimore Sun reported yesterday that, shortly before the election, media giant Sinclair Broadcasting will pre-empt normal programming to show the politically motivated anti-Kerry movie, "Stolen Honor". According to the article, the stations will be required to broadcast the movie. One wonders how the "fair and balanced" FOX News will handle this information. Will they use their power and influence to declare that this is a clear example of conservative media's attempt to influence an election? Or will they gleefully report and report and report on the story, giving Sinclair and "Stolen Honor" masses of free publicity

It will be interesting to see how FOX handles this. Remember they are the channel that has hauled Dan Rather over the coals and routinely allows their "opinion journalists" to classify other media competitors as elitist, liberal, biased, goofy, dopey, pinhead, anti-American, anti-patriotic, Kerry-loving, etc.

If you are served by a Sinclair TV station, why not contact them and tell them that you object to your local broadcast media meddling in politics by expressing a clear preference for one candidate over the other?

Go to Sinclair Station Listings and click on your state to find your local station.

Also, if you want to make a general comment regarding media bias, you can contact the FCC Commissioners at

Chairman Michael Powell
Commissioner Kathleen Abernathy
Commissioner Michael Copps
Commissioner Kevin J. Martin
Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein