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Coulter V Estrich

Reported by Deborah - October 10, 2004 -

Ann Coulter and Susan Estrich were part of Geraldo's debate quartet tonight discussing last night's performance.Coulter and Estrich traded some barbs and as always Coulter was short on substance and full of bile. 10/09/04 10:10 PM ET

Geraldo was doing his show outside somewhere in Florida. After tuning in a few minutes late, it was difficult to pinpoint the location but he was most certainly "At Large" and not in a studio.

There wasn't too much time devoted to the topic and Geraldo asked the same question twice. The first question was concerning Kerry, "Could he deal effectively with the charm that the President obviously has?"

Coulter: "Kerry's better with issues after his focus groups since he's lying about what his positions are. A Republican wiped the floor with a Democrat on domestic issues."

Estrich: "Bush was talking to the right, Rove's 4 million evangelicals. Kerry spoke to the middle."

Geraldo asked Estrich if she was worried since the President is renowned for connecting with people.

Estrich:"Kerry's much better with debate. Bush people were worried after the first debate so Bush was getting credit for just getting through the night.Bush was playing to the evangelicals who didnt vote last time."

Coulter: "Issue of partial birth abortions only sells with evangelicals. Abortions of babies already delivered. Kerry can't get communion. Bush mopped the floor with him. Stumbling all over himself." (immitates Kerry with falsetto voice)

Geraldo loses his edge when he's not playing war games in Iraq or Afganistan.
Coulter was incoherant and unprofessional as always and had nothing of value to offer.Fox has used her too much lately.There is nothing but boredom beyond the shock of her nasty comments.
The most interesting part of the segment was Susan Estrich's introduction as a Law Professor at USC instead of Fox News Contributor. Guess Estrich is shifting gears and who could blame her.